16 Versatile Beautycounter Products

I'm excited to share with you 16 Beautycounter products with uses beyond the obvious (listed in no particular order).

And what better time to try out these items than during Beautycounter's 15% off Sitewide* sale from August 6-12, 2019. (*exclusion apply; sets, regimens, and collections are already bundled at a discounted price and are excluded from the sale. Countertime products are excluded from the sale since it is so brand new.)

  1. Body Oil in Rosemary Citrus - The obvious use is as a skin moisturizer. But did you know that rosemary can also be a useful mosquito repellent? So reach for this soothing body oil instead of the bug spray before your next campfire. It’s a win-win situation for your skin.

  2. Facial Mists - We have the Nourishing Rosewater Mist, No. 1 Brightening Facial Mist, No. 2 Plumping Facial Mist, and the No. 3 Balancing Facial Mist. Their obvious uses are for a facial toner or even to set your makeup. But did you know you can also use it to dampen your makeup sponge, helping you evenly apply your makeup and set it all at once? SCORE!

  3. No. 3 Balancing Facial Mask - Did you know that this detoxifying charcoal facial mask can also help you detox your underarms? The switch to a safer deodorant that doesn't include the (toxic) aluminum in it can be hard, but using this on your underarms can help speed up the detox process. Bonus: You can also use it as a spot treatment on your face, rather than a full mask, if you wake up with pimple that you want to treat without slowing down the rest of your routine with a full facial mask.

  4. Mattifying Powder - As someone with an extremely oily forehead, this powder is one of my best friends. It is great for absorbing shine and setting makeup. But it can also be used as a dry shampoo! You can lightly sprinkle it through the roots of your hair, or coat a powder brush with it and brush it over your roots.

  5. Glow Shimmer Oil - This oil is great for giving a nice shimmery, lightly bronzed glow to your skin, whether applied directly or added into your lotion. But it can also be used on your face as a highlighter or in your hair for added shimmer and frizz taming!

  6. Baby Daily Protective Balm - The advertised use of this baby balm is to protect sweet little baby (butt) cheeks from wetness. But it really is a clean, safe alternative to petroleum jellies for any age. Use it to soothe chapped (face) cheeks, cracked knuckles, or as a boo-boo salve before you apply a band-aid. It also is a great alternative to hemorrhoid creams.

  7. Baby Gentle All-Over Wash - Safe and gentle enough as a body wash for a newborn baby, it can be used as a clean alternative to feminine washes.

  8. Color Pinch Cream Blusher or the Illuminating Cream Highlighter in Rose Glow - The Color Pinch Cream Blusher comes in 3 different colors: Caramel, Hibiscus, and Umber. They can be used as eyeshadows, blushes, or even lipsticks! Packaged in a tube, it is multi-tasking makeup that is handy to have in your purse for a quick touch-up before your next meeting. The Illuminating Cream Highlighter also comes in three shades, but I think the shade Rose Glow is the best one suited for a multi-tasking use as an eyeshadow, blush, or lipstick.

  9. Color Define Brow Pencil in Medium or Dark - If you are using one of the darker shades to fill in your brows, go ahead and use it as an eyeliner, too! It's a great 2-for-1 (that may not work with the lightest shade - sorry fair-haired readers).

  10. Satin Powder Blush - These gorgeous blushes in 7 gorgeous shades can work overtime as eyeshadows!

  11. Baby Soothing Oil - Safe enough for a newborn's skin, this oil can be used on people of any age to moisturize skin without added scents. But a few drops is also good for taming frizzy hair. Another confirmed use is to put some one a cotton swab to remove stubborn eye makeup.

  12. Style Sea Salt Spray - Create the perfect beach waves in your hair with this sea salt spray. However, many consultants swear by it as an excellent finishing hairspray (just don't scrunch!). Since non-toxic hairsprays that are non-aerosols (safer for the environment) are hard to find, I'm personally excited to try this one out as a finishing hairspray.

  13. Touchup Skin Concealer Pen - Perfect for hiding imperfections and dark circles, this concealer also makes a nice eyeshadow primer. Apply a thin, even layer to your lids and set with the mattifying powder for best primer results. Buying an extra pen that is one shade lighter than you normally go would make the best lid primer AND a great highlighter pen.

  14. Daily Shampoo - The Daily Shampoo cleans and clarifies hair with a wonderful citrus scent. Spread the love over to your makeup brushes by cleaning and clarifying them at least once a week with this wonderful shampoo.

  15. Not a Knot Kids Conditioner - This is one of the first products that taught me how a little goes a long way when you have a good, quality product in your hands. It is an amazing conditioner that I trust on my daughters. I also make a de-tangling spray with it! Grab a spray bottle, add in 1-3 pumps of the conditioner (depending on the size of the spray bottle), and top off with distilled water. Shake it up and spray before combing out the tangles! It works really well!

  16. Cleansing Balm - Okay, so you had to guess that I was going to bring this product up after my Ode to Cleansing Balm post, right? It is the ULTIMATE multi-tasking clean beauty product. Use it as a makeup removing face wash, an overnight moisturizing mask, or on eczema, psoriasis, burns, and dry spots. Read about it in depth here.

Honorary Mention: The Overnight Resurfacing Peel - Okay, so there is really only one way to apply the peel: It goes on at night as the "treat" step in your "Cleanse, Prep, Treat, Protect" regimen. You leave it on 3-5 minutes to dry before putting on your nighttime moisturizer. But it does SO many things for your face that I felt it deserved an honorary mention. It can help clear up breakouts, even out skin tone, minimize pores and fine lines, as well as exfoliate and smooth your skin. This should be a staple in your routine 3-4x a week!

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