Ode to Cleansing Balm

Countermatch Eye Rescue Cream came to my rescue! My dark circles have dramatically reduced!!

Countermatch Eye Rescue Cream came to my rescue! My dark circles have dramatically reduced!!

I was recently asked what my favorite Beautycounter product is, if I could only choose ONE.

That was hard, because if you've talked to me at all then you know that I love all things Countermatch, including the body lotion.

However, the one product I chose as my favorite was not the Countermatch Eye Rescue Cream that dramatically reduced my dark circles - as much as I owe it a debt of gratitude. Shocking, right?

 If I can only walk away with one product, then I have to choose the Cleansing Balm! I really do love it!

Cleansing Balm, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways.

The first time moment I realized that I loved the Cleansing Balm was when I used it to wash the makeup off my face. Normally, I've had to use several products to remove my makeup. I used to use eye makeup remover, makeup remover cloths, and a face wash all to get the last traces of makeup off, specifically eye makeup. Well, I was blown away when all of my makeup, including all my eye makeup, was removed with just the balm. I didn't need to use anything. Then the clouds parted and angels sang. It was exciting.


It is so versatile!

It is so versatile!

The Cleansing Balm is more than just an amazing makeup removing face cleanser! It is the Swiss Army Knife of your beauty cabinet. Remember that movie "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" with the dad who was always telling people to just "put Windex on it." Well, that is the Cleansing Balm, folks. Eczema, dry spots, chapped lips, chapped noses, cracked knuckles, slight burn - put some Cleansing Balm on it. Need an overnight deep moisturizing face mask. Cleansing Balm!


What I don't recommend doing is using the Cleansing Balm in the morning as it may be a little too moisturizing resulting in your makeup and/or sunscreen not staying well. Also, don’t rub it all over your hands unless you’re going straight to bed. It is not meant to be a hand lotion, but it will definitely help your hands overnight.

There you have it. I love the Cleansing Balm and I don’t care who knows it! ;)