Why I Joined Beautycounter

For ten years, I worked at a medical device company and saw how heavily involved the FDA was in the making of those devices. Rightfully so, too, as these devices go into our bodies and impact our health. So imagine my shock and confusion to learn that the same scrutiny is not afforded to what we put ON our bodies - which also impacts our health. Our skin is our largest organ and it absorbs what we put on it. Think about that.


 Honestly, I felt like it couldn't possibly be true and I dug around a bit. But it is true. There is a huge lack of oversight into what goes into the products we use everyday. I'm talking shampoo, soap, makeup, lotion, etc. The last time a federal law was passed in this industry was in 1938. The FDA does not even have the power to require a product recall; the most they can do is issue a consumer warning. That's weak, guys.

Compared to the 1400 chemicals banned by the European Union for their impact to human health, the FDA bans 30 chemicals. That's really pathetic considering there are well over 80,000 chemicals out there and only a small percentage of those chemicals has any testing that shows their impact to human health. The chemicals that we do know to be toxic to human health ARE STILL USED as ingredients. It is perfectly legal for known carcinogens, neurotoxins, endocrine disruptors, chemicals linked to infertility and birth defects, to name a few, to be used in our beauty and personal care products. This should not be happening.

So what changed my mind? Advocacy. Specifically, Beautycounter's advocacy. As a company, they are going after the ROOT problem. They aren't just saying, "Wow, this industry is poorly regulated so let's make safer products." No, they are also saying, "Our mission is to get safer products into the hands of everyone." They don't just mean their products, folks. The ultimate goal is to see that everything sold for personal care use is safe and clean, no matter what company makes it.


Beautycounter advocates to our government for stricter safety regulations to be passed in the industry. I am a huge fan of fixing the root problem. Especially when the root problem is such a serious issue. I chose to be a part of fixing the root problem by becoming a consultant.

I didn't know about the problems in the industry until a friend of mine introduced me to Beautycounter.  That's why it is set up as direct sales. Direct sales gets people talking to people! (All my fellow introverts just shuddered.) But I'm doing it, folks (even if I am hiding in a blog, ha!). I think this is important. Beautycounter's advocacy extends into education. They are educating consumers about what should not be in their products. So even if you don't buy from Beautycounter, hopefully you walk away educated. You can't unlearn something like this.

However, one of the biggest ways Beautycounter walks their talk is in the Never List. It is made up of over 1500 ingredients that are harmful or questionable to human health and these items are never used in their products. They are leading by example. They are transparent about every single ingredient in their products, including every known component of a "fragrance." Beautycounter formulates high-performing products without the bad ingredients.

I joined Beautycounter because of their advocacy. I'm here to stay because their safer, cleaner products work.