2 Things that Should Never Be On Your To-Do List

I hate to break it to you, friends. The true Neverending Story is about laundry and dishes. So stop putting them on your to-do list like they are about to get done! Friend, the moment your wash that last dish, someone uses another spoon. The moment you put away that last load of laundry, you throw today's clothes into the dirty laundry basket. Stop giving yourself false hope. You can't mark dishes and laundry off your list. They aren't done. They are in-progress. Always in-progress.


Save your to-do list for things that you can accomplish. And learn to put dishes and laundry into your daily routines. If you don't make taking care of them a habit, they will become a PROJECT. Nobody likes having a project to do. Especially if once you "complete" that project, someone in your family decides to eat breakfast. In a bowl! With a spoon! After getting dressed in a pair of clean clothes! Oh the audacity!


It's time to sit down and contemplate what belongs on to-do lists, what needs to be re-learned as habits, and how to avoid turning small tasks into horrific projects that never end (current status, HI!). This will also help you manage expectations. If you only put tasks that can be entirely completed on your to-do list, you will feel a lot more accomplished.


Okay, so …. Do as I say, not as I do. I'm still working on this myself. But I am fighting to make these things habits. How I'm doing that will be topics coming to the blog soon!