Home Care Tips for Family Colds

We've all been there. One person in the family brings home a cold and suddenly everyone is afflicted. While cold prevention is ideal, it's not always a reality. So here are five things I do to help my family get through seasons of shared colds.

  1. Chapped noses and lips get a nice thin layer of Beautycounter’s Cleansing Balm applied regularly. This stuff is one of the most moisturizing products that I have ever used. It really seems to promote faster healing for chapped skin than other products I’ve tried.

  2.  I like to add a few drops of Edens Garden Kids Safe Synergy Blend "Healthy Hero" to our essential oil diffuser during the day. At bedtime, I like to run Doterra's Breathe in the diffuser in the master bedroom. I don't put diffusers in my kids bedrooms, yet.

  3.  Replace toothbrushes. About 48 hours after each person gets sick, swap out their toothbrush for a clean one.

  4.  I try to regularly switch out hand towels and kitchen towels to keep germs from spreading. If you think about how well a 3 year washes her hands, you understand why this is an important step! While Norwex microfiber traps 99% of bacteria when used properly, it takes 24 hours for the Baclock to finish self-cleaning the towels. I play it on the safe side when everyone is sick and swap the towels.

  5. Probiotics. Make sure your family gets probiotics from either fermented foods, such as kefir, or through pills, powders, chewables, etc. Your gut health impacts your immune system. Probiotics are important!

What tips do you have to help your family through a cold? Share in the comments!